Nov 062009


CLICK HERE for a quick look at Tess & Trent’s intimate rehearsal dinner at the Hanalei Canoe Club. Ohana was treated to outrigger rides, live music, an amazing dinner and of course a little practice session dedicated to polishing all the finer details of their ceremony. It was an elegant affair with a local twist under Kauai’s beautiful North Shore stars. Stay tuned for the wedding pics…

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Oct 022009


CLICK HERE to view a little photo session of the best construction crew on Kauai. They’re always spreading the aloha with their hard work and dedication to the highest quality craftsmanship. When in need of environmentally sound building or renovating solutions be sure to check out their website before picking up the hammers.

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Jul 042009


CLICK HERE to check out what a great time we had with the Soul Construction crew during their 4th of July celebration. The party went full force from the start… complete with slip ‘n slide, craft tables, greek catering, live DJ and enough fireworks to light up the entire Eastside. We got some great portraits of all the attendees and some fun shots with the crew. Enjoy the photos and hope you all had a happy 4th!


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May 162008


CLICK HERE to check out how much fun this little cutie pie had at her 1st Birthday party. What better place to be on your birthday than celebrating with Mickey and Minnie mouse at the Disneyland hotel? This family definitely knows how to party… limbo performances, solo dance exhibitions, musical chairs, and even DJ inspired group levitation. Julia and I had an amazing time photographing and sharing in their celebration as well as being treated to their gourmet lunch :) always a plus! Enjoy the photos.

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Dec 192007


CLICK HERE for the link to Alana’s gallery from her birthday bash celebration. What a day! Starting out in Capo Beach at San Felipe de Jesus Catholic Church, Julia and I met up with Alana and her huge crew of supporters. Her 30 person court was as big as football team and definitely had the endurance to keep it going all through the night. After a chilly little portrait session in the drizzle, we headed over to El Adobe to warm up with some salsa picante, tantalizing tango moves, a beautiful cake, and more wild dance floor action.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, make sure to check out Alana’s pre-party portrait gallery HERE. Please let us know what you think and enjoy the photos!

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