Oct 302011


CLICK HERE for a complete look at Kimberly and John’s romantic morning wedding photography from the end of Anini Beach Road, on Kauai’s breathtaking North Shore. Julia and I started with Kim and the ladies as John welcomed the arriving guests with his contagious sense of humor and warm smile. A light shower moved through the sunshine to bless the celebration and Kim and John quickly stole a moment together under an umbrella. Their ceremony naturally commenced with a casual gathering of close friends and family who were all invited to participate in a unique and personal ring warming tradition. The wedding rings were passed around the circle as funny stories, fond memories, and well-wishes were shared throughout. Following Kim and John’s hand-written exchange of vows, they sealed their bond with a kiss and concluded their beach wedding with a final romantic photo session. After putting the cameras down, we were honored to also share in their brunch reception. Mahalo nui loa for your generosity, congratulations to you both, and we hope you enjoy the photos!

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